CONTEST: Best Meeting Story Ever.....or you tell me a better one.

So I had a new business meeting last night with Sarah and Joe. We were chatting and they were looking at work and I asked them how they met. Would you believe they met at a bus stop? No, not a bus stop where they both stood everyday to commute to work. This was completely random! Joe is a pilot and was in Seattle and Sarah was visiting her sister in Seattle and they happened to be at the same bus stop at the same time. How random and what FATE!!!! I loved this story so much that on my way home I thought of offering a 10% discount to the best meeting story posted in the comments section on my blog and then realized that I'm not sure anyone can beat Sarah and Joe. So I offered Sarah and Joe the 10% discount and they booked me today. NOW I still want to hear all the stories, so tell away and the best one told by Wednesday of next week will get 10% off of their wedding photography if they book me! CONGRATULATIONS SARAH AND JOE! XXOO