Super Bride!

I love all my brides of course and although I share a very intimate day in their lives, I still often know very little about their personal lives and accomplishments. Often I get bits and pieces of information during the toasts and once in a while get the full story and am blown away by what I call my "Super Brides"!

I had one such bride a few weeks ago and although will post the whole wedding soon, couldn't help but share this photo of Kim. She definitely falls in the "Super Bride" category! Not only has she been ultra-sincere and sweet throughout our whole relationship (she even offered me a glass of wine when I arrived to shoot her getting ready photos and I assured her that although I would have loved to share a getting ready glass of wine with her - I had a wedding to shoot in a couple of hours!), she is also gorgeous! Not only that, but during her sister's toast I learned that Kim went to Yale law school, passed the California bar exam and then decided she wanted to go to medical school. She's now a cardiologist! Definitely a "Super Bride" and look how she glowed on her wedding day. GORGEOUS!